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Highway Use Tax (HUT) Web File—free and no additional software needed!

Are you filing more frequently than you should be?

Before you file your next HUT return, check your filing frequency (how often you must file your highway use tax return) to see if you should be filing less frequently. If your filing frequency changed, we sent you a letter dated March 23, 2022. If you use the Highway Use Tax Web File application, it will automatically display your correct filing frequency (annual, quarterly or monthly).

For more information about the changes, see TB-HU-260, Filing Requirements for Highway Use Tax.

Highway Use Tax (HUT) Web File is the easiest and fastest way to file a highway use tax return and make a payment. You'll receive an electronic confirmation number with the date and time you filed your return. You can also file now and schedule your electronic payment for a date no later than the return's due date.

To get started, create an Online Services business account. You can also grant a New York State tax preparer access to Web File for you. We offer a number of instructional presentations to help you get started. View demos and videos.

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Not able to Web File?

If you file highway use tax returns, your return filing frequency may have changed. For tax periods beginning on and after January 1, 2022, the thresholds for monthly, quarterly, and annual filing requirements increased, allowing many filers to report less frequently.

For more information, see When to file and pay.

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See Highway use tax.

Demo: Highway Use Tax Web File

Demo: Highway Use Tax Web File