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NYS-45-ATT Wage Reporting Web Upload: electronic reporting format

Upload your Wage Reporting NYS-45 ATT files for one or more employers using Wage Reporting Upload in your Business Online Services account.  

Changes are coming

For calendar quarters beginning on or after January 1, 2021, you’ll use a new, improved Online Services application to upload your wage reporting bulk files.

The new application will:

  • allow you to submit a test upload file and receive immediate results on the success or failure of the file within the application;
  • no longer process wage upload files that contain errors, including employer or employee data errors, formatting errors, and nonfatal errors; 
  • display the errors contained in your file within the Web application (note: you must correct all the errors in your file before uploading in order for your file to be accepted); and
  • generate emails notifying you of all successful and failed uploaded files.

Format options

You will not need to change the specifications, formats, and layouts of your upload files when you start using the new application.

You must submit your file for upload in one of the formats explained in the publications below:

Be sure to save your file as one of the following valid file types: .zip, .txt, .dat, .rpt

Ready to upload?

  1. Log in to your Business Online Services account or create one.
  2. Select Employment and Withholding Taxes from the ≡ Services menu.
  3. Select Wage Reporting Upload (NYS-45 ATT).

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If you have questions about our technical specifications, contact our Withholding Tax Information Center.