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Other sales tax forms

Other sales tax forms
Form number Instructions Form title
AU-196.10 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Notification of Sale, Transfer, or Assignment in Bulk  (Also see  Form TP-153, Notice to Prospective Purchasers of a Business or Business Assets)
AU-298 Instructions on form New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax - Application for a Direct Payment Permit
DTF-8 Not applicable Application for Relief from Responsible Person Liability Under the Sales Tax Law
DTF-8-ATT Not applicable Attachment to Form DTF-8
DTF-716 DTF-716-I (Instructions) Application for Registration of Retail Dealers and Vending Machines for Sales of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products
DTF-723 DTF-723-I (Instructions) Application for Show Permit and Notice of Show
DTF-727 DTF-727-I (Instructions) Report of Show
DTF-728 Instructions on form Application for Entertainment Promoter Certificate
DTF-730 DTF-730-I (Instructions) Report of Entertainment Event
FT-940 Instructions on form Certification of Use of Motor Fuel Purchased in Volume
ST-55 Instructions on form Joint Election Between Vendor and Lender to Designate Entitlement to Claim Sales Tax Bad Debt Refund or Credit. This form is valid only for claims for refund or credit filed before July 1, 2010. Also see TSB-M-06(16)S, Supplemental Summary of 2006 Legislation Affecting Sales and Use Taxes Which Takes Effect in 2007, and TSB-M-10(11)S, Sales Tax Credit or Refund No Longer Available for Bad Debt Accounts Held by Private Label Credit Card Lenders, for additional information.
ST-60 (Fill-in) Instructions on form IDA Appointment of Project Operator or Agent For Sales Tax Purposes. For more information, see N-13-3, New Reporting Requirement for Industrial Development Agencies and Authorities, and TSB-M-14(1.1)S, Sales Tax Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for Industrial Development Agencies and Authorities
ST-62 (Fill-in)  Instructions on form IDA Annual Compliance Report State Sales Tax Recapture
ST-65 (Fill-in) Instructions on form IDA Report of Recaptured Sales and Use Tax Benefits
ST-112 Instructions on form Annual Application for a Materialman to Remit Sales Tax Under the Pay-When-Paid Option
ST-119.2 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Application for an Exempt Organization Certificate. Also see TSB-M-08(5)S, Tax Law Amendments Related to Sales Made by Certain Sales Tax Exempt Organizations Effective September 1, 2008, for additional information.
ST-119.4 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Application for an Exempt Organization Certificate - Information Authorization
ST-133 Instructions on form Certificate of Prepayment of Sales Tax on Cigarettes
ST-150 Instructions on form Marketplace Provider Certificate of Collection
ST-220-CA (Fill-in) Instructions on form Contractor Certification to Covered Agency - Effective for contracts awarded on or after April 26, 2006.
ST-220-TD (Fill-in) Instructions on form Contractor Certification - Effective for contracts awarded on or after April 26, 2006
ST-330 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Sales Tax Record of Advance Payment
ST-340 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Annual Report of Sales and Use Tax Exemptions Claimed by Agent/Project Operator of Industrial Development Agency/Authority (IDA)
TP-95 Not applicable Tax Law and Regulations Relating to Walkabouts By Tax Department Employees
TP-153 Instructions on form Notice to Prospective Purchasers of a Business or Business Assets
TP-832 Not applicable Special Requirements for Parking Facility Operators Located in Manhattan

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