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STAR and STAR Credit Direct Deposit: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Note: Are you wondering why you received a property tax rebate check from New York State last year, but you haven’t received one this year?

You may be thinking of the homeowner tax rebate credit (HTRC) checks that we issued in 2022.

HTRC was a one-year program for 2022 only; you will not receive an HTRC check for 2023 or other years. The STAR program is separate from HTRC, and STAR benefits are granted in the form of either:

  • a STAR exemption, which is a reduction on your school tax bill; or
  • a STAR credit, which is paid to you by check or direct deposit.

If you received a letter (Form RP-5310-DDO) inviting you to enroll in STAR Credit Direct Deposit, check out our frequently asked questions for answers to common questions: 


STAR program

General questions about the STAR program

Registering for the STAR credit

I’ve registered and have questions

New homeowners

STAR exemption

Changes in ownership, residency, or mailing address


STAR Credit Direct Deposit

General questions about STAR Credit Direct Deposit

Enrolling in STAR Credit Direct Deposit

Banking requirements and information for STAR Direct Deposit

Receiving the STAR credit by direct deposit

Making changes to STAR Credit Direct Deposit information