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Property tax publications: Reports published annually

Property tax publications: Reports published annually
Number Title
1200 Assessment equity in New York: Results from the market value survey  (Prior year reports)
1201 Distribution of parcels by property class code  (Prior year reports)
1202 Exemptions from real property taxation in NYS: County, city and town assessment rolls  (Prior year reports)
1203 Overall full-value tax rates by county (Prior year reports)  
1204 Real property tax legislation summaries (Prior year reports)
1205 Report on effectiveness of state technical and financial assistance programs for property tax administration  (Prior year reports)
1206 Small claims assessment review activity (Prior year reports)
1207 Statewide full-value tax tates (Prior year reports)
1208 Tax certiorari activity (Prior year reports)
1209 Report on the "specialty" status of telecommunications mass property as required by chapter 475 of the laws of 2013 (Prior year reports)