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Property tax and assessment administration

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STAR change coming for most manufactured homeowners

Beginning in 2022, most manufactured homeowners receiving a STAR exemption will be required to switch to the STAR credit to continue receiving a STAR benefit. See Law change regarding manufactured homes and STAR.

Option to forego 467 and 459-c renewals for 2022

Executive Order No. 11.1 provides assessing units with the option to adopt a resolution eliminating the renewal requirement for the seniors and persons with disability exemptions on the 2022 assessment roll. For more information, see the 01/03/2022 edition of Assessment Community Weekly.

Assessment Community Enterprise System (ACES) news

RPSV4 data collection manuals update

Database update Db_789 is available to modify reference tables based on recent updates to the Assessor Data Collection Manuals (Commercial and Residential/Farm/Vacant). To access the executable file and release notes, log into the Online Assessment Community and select RPSV4 Updates from the menu. 

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For the latest updates on the ACES project, see ACES


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