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Quarterly Report Sample - Sales Excluded from Agency Use

The Sales Excluded from Agency Use report shows a list of sales that have been flagged
on the real property database as non-arms-length and are excluded from RAR, COD, and Equalization
purposes. Identification of sales has been made via a computer search on the buyer and seller names.
This report displays sales transactions where:

  1. The condition of transfer is indicated on the RP-5217, but a part to the transfer is a government
    agency or lending institution.
  2. The sale was the result of settling an estate.

For more information about specific items on the form, scroll to the bottom of the page to read information about each item.

sales excluded from agency use

Item Description
one The County, Town and SWIS Code uniquely identify the location in New York State for the data on the report.
two Sales Excluded from Agency Use
Identification of the sales listed on the Sales Excluded from Agency Use report have been made via a computer search on the buyer and seller name.
three The Sales Excluded from Agency Use report will display the sale date range selected. The sample report reflects sales from April through June 2001.
four Page 4 of 4 indicates that the currently displayed page is page number 4 of a total of four pages. This last page of the report provides summary information for the entire report at the bottom of the page.

Sale Date and Date Deed Recorded
Date of Sale = date of transfer (item 12 on RP-5217) and is labeled 'Sale Date' on the RPS sales update

Date Deed Recorded = date the deed was recorded with the County Clerk (item C2 of RP-5217) and is labeled 'Deed Date' on the RPS sale update screen.


The Book/Page is the information (Liber/Page) from the deed. This data is a unique identifier used to match the local corrections (RPS and paper) to the ORPTS database. If this information is not correct two problems arise:

  1. When book/page is different between the two files, a match may not be found creating problems in updating the sale.
  2. If an assessor correction contains an incorrect county, book and page, which matches an existing county, book and page on the sales database, then a sale would be incorrectly updated

The Parcel ID is the S-B-L or the Roll ID unique to each parcel within a municipality.

eight Assessment:
This is the Total Assessed Value based on the latest final assessment roll at the time of sale.

Sale Price:
The sale price represents the Full Sale Price minue Personal property. Full Sale Price is used by ORPTS in RAR, COD, and Equalization Rate calculations.
nine MV Ratio
The ratio of Assessed Value (AV) to Sale Price (SP). The assessed value and sale price values used are
displayed in the column directly to the left of the AV/SP Ratio. A ratio close to 100 means that the two numbers are close to each other.

Buyer Name
Seller Name
The buyer and seller name fields are used to identify sales involving government agencies or lending institutions or estate sales that are listed on the Sales Excluded from Agency Use report.

eleven Reason for Exclusion
The reason for exclusion field describes why the 'keyword' edit program excluded a sale for all ORPTS purposes. Examples include: Government or Lending Institution or Estate Sale.