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Fundamentals of data collection

Course information
Prerequisite None
Duration 5 days (classroom)
CE credits 30
Self-study Currently available
Web-based Currently available
Course description

This course uses the residential/farm/vacant and commercial property record cards, designed solely for use with the New York State Real Property System (RPS), as the basis for discussion. The specific characteristics of real property to be collected and the data collection techniques used in completing the form are discussed. The importance of accuracy and consistency in collection and recording of the data is stressed throughout the course. 

The Fundamentals of Data Collection R/F/V course no longer fulfills the Data Collection component of the Assessor / County Director Training Program. Both the fundamentals of Data Collection R/F/V and the Commercial Data Collection course are required to fulfill the component.

Note: This course incorporates commercial data collection techniques in addition to the Residential, Farm, and Vacant components which were covered in the former course.

Course equivalents

Data Collection R/F/V and Commercial Data Collection.

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