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Farm and mass appraisal components

As prescribed in Section 8188-2.8 of the 20 NYCRR 8188 Rules for Real Property Tax Administration, within one year of attaining certification as a State Certified Assessor, sole assessors must successfully complete the Introduction to mass appraisal component unless it was successfully completed for basic certification.

Certified assessors who are appointed or elected in a municipality meeting any of the following criteria, must satisfy the Introduction to farm appraisal component, within a year of taking office:

  1. at least 10 percent of the total acreage is classified agricultural on the assessment roll; or
  2. at least ten agricultural assessments have been granted pursuant to Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law; or
  3. an agricultural district, or a portion thereof, created pursuant to Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law lies within the assessing unit.

Continuing education rules

Section 8188-2.8 and 8188-4.8 of the 20 NYCRR 8188 Rules for Real Property Tax Administration states that certified appointed assessors and county directors have a continuing education requirement.

  • Certified appointed assessors and county directors are required to complete an average of 12 continuing education credits every year.
  • Credits are calculated as one classroom contact hour equals one credit.
  • Credits shall be awarded, only after advance approval from our office, for courses, conferences and seminars which are primarily devoted to assessment administration and real property valuation.

These courses, conferences and seminars may be sponsored by ORPTS or professional appraisal, assessor or education organizations. Credits may also be awarded for the attainment of certain professional designations as described in the Real Property Tax Law, Section 318(3)(b). For information on how to obtain approval refer to the Continuing Education Guidelines RP-3042 and send requests on the attached fill-in form to Educational Services.

Credits shall be awarded only if the attendance requirements of the organization are completely satisfied and proof of attendance is furnished to our office. In addition, if an examination is required, proof of successful completion must be submitted. Credits may also be awarded for repeating a course, conference or seminar within a three-year period if our office determines there have been significant changes in the subject matter.