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ORPTS online training program

Information and guidelines

Available 24 hours a day

Our online courses are available 24 hours a day during a specified period. Students do not have to be online at a specific time with the rest of the class. However, students should sign-on during the first week of class, so that the instructor knows you are participating. Students can participate in class when it is convenient for them and access the class from anywhere with an internet connection. This includes from the office, at home and on the weekend.

Instructor availability

There are instructors in the background who are available during regular business hours to answer your questions and guide you through the materials. As a student, you can generally expect a 24 hour turnaround response on any questions that you may have.

Scheduled training dates

Most of our courses are instructor-led and have a stated beginning and ending date. Scheduling the courses for specific dates ensures that an instructor is present in the background to assist you and to answer your questions. However, students can be online at any time of day or night during the specified period. Many of our basic courses also include a live exam at the end of the scheduled training period.

Registration information

The majority of our courses are instructor-led courses. Since these courses are scheduled for a specific time frame, we require that the students register in advance. See How to register for more information.

Once you have registered either by phone, fax or online you will receive an acceptance letter approximately two (2) weeks before the course begins. If you do not receive an acceptance letter, please email Educational services or call (518) 474-1764.

Exam location

All classes except for Self-Study Farm Appraisal and in person classes will be held via WebEx. If there is an in-person exam with the course, exam locations will be specified on the schedule. During registration you will choose an exam location for that offering. The exam location should be confirmed on your acceptance letter prior to class. For classes with a WebEx exam, instruction will be provided on how to access the exam.

Class size

For our instructor-led courses there is a class size limit. We want to be sure that all students get the attention that they need, so class size is kept relatively small. These courses fill up quickly, so sign-up early!

Questions relating to course content

If you are attending one of the instructor led courses and have a question related to course content, simply send an email to the instructor. They should respond within approximately 24 hours during the week. Instructors are not available on the weekends or holidays.

Technical questions

You should always get started by reading the user manual to familiarize yourself with using the system. This manual is available within the training portal and should be listed under your current enrollments when you first login. If you have read this manual and still have questions about navigating the courses, accessing certain features or believe you have experienced an error or other issue, you can email Educational services or call (518) 474-1764.

If you are experiencing problems with your Assessment Community account or password, email ORPTS.

What to expect from online training

Courses do not consist only of reading text on a computer screen. There are animations that demonstrate a concept, quizzes that are self-grading, as well as an asynchronous discussion area. The online courses are expected to be a participative online classroom environment.