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Note: Are you wondering why you received a property tax rebate check from New York State last year, but you haven’t received one this year?

You may be thinking of the homeowner tax rebate credit (HTRC) checks that we issued in 2022.

HTRC was a one-year program for 2022 only; you will not receive an HTRC check for 2023 or other years. The STAR program is separate from HTRC, and STAR benefits are granted in the form of either:

  • a STAR exemption, which is a reduction on your school tax bill; or
  • a STAR credit, which is paid to you by check or direct deposit.

You will continue to receive a STAR credit or STAR exemption, as long as you are qualified. Want to learn more about the STAR program? Visit our frequently asked questions.

The School Tax Relief (STAR) program offers property tax relief to eligible New York State homeowners.

If you are eligible and enrolled in the STAR program, you’ll receive your benefit each year in one of two ways:

  • STAR credit. If you are registered for the STAR credit, the Tax Department will issue your STAR benefit via check or direct deposit. You can use your STAR benefit to pay your school taxes. You can receive the STAR credit if you own your home and it's your primary residence and the combined income of the owners and the owners’ spouses is $500,000 or less.

  • STAR exemption: a reduction on your school tax bill. If you’ve been receiving the STAR exemption since 2015, you can continue to receive it for the same primary residence. As long as you remain eligible, you’ll see a reduction on your school tax bill for the amount of your STAR exemption. Note: The STAR exemption is no longer available to new homeowners.

STAR Resources

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Learn about STAR

Whether you're new to the STAR program or considering a switch to the STAR credit, review our resources for a complete overview.

STAR exemption information

The STAR exemption program is closed to new applicants. However, if you’re receiving the exemption, there are limited circumstances when you will need to reapply with your assessor. To learn more see: STAR exemption program.

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Register for STAR

If you've recently bought your home or never applied for the STAR benefit, register—you may save hundreds each year!

Switching to the STAR credit

If you are voluntarily switching to the STAR credit from the exemption or you received a letter that you must update your registration (Form RP-425-RMM or RP-425-RDM), you must complete a STAR credit registration.

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Upgrade to Enhanced STAR

Receiving the STAR credit? You're all set! When you become eligible for Enhanced STAR, we'll automatically upgrade you to the Enhanced STAR benefit.

If you are a Basic STAR exemption recipient who turns 65 and meets the eligibility requirements, you should apply to your assessor for the Enhanced STAR exemption. You only need to apply once. See STAR exemption program.

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Respond to a STAR letter

We may send you a letter requesting additional information or notifying you of a change to your STAR benefit or to the STAR program.

If you received a STAR letter, select it from the list below for more information. (You can find the number of your letter in its lower-left corner.)