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Task Force Report on Tax Preparer Industry

Legislation enacted in 2009 required the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to convene a task force charged with making recommendations related to the effective regulation of tax return preparers.     

The task force included diverse members from:

  • the tax profession
  • business
  • academia
  • advocacy groups
  • several state agencies

"I thank the Task Force members for their work on this important issue impacting millions of New York taxpayers who put their trust in paid preparers. The Task Force's recommendations are an appropriate starting point to discuss how to protect those taxpayers and ensure that their returns are prepared accurately and ethically."

- Thomas H. Mattox,
  New York State
  Commissioner of Taxation and Finance

The Report of the Task Force on Regulation of Tax Return Preparers includes recommendations to protect taxpayers, including comprehensive standards and education requirements for preparers.

The legislation creating the Task Force also established one of the nation's first tax preparer registration systems.  Since the Task Force began its work, the IRS and other states recognized protection of tax preparer customers as an issue.  The IRS, for example, announced new regulations regarding tax preparers, including registration, testing and continuing education requirements.