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Request penalty abatement for my client

Did you know you can request a penalty waiver for your client right from your Tax Professional Online Services account? There's no waiting on hold or being transferred, and you won't need to get your client on the phone when you have a signed, completed E-ZRep Form TR-2000, Tax Information Access and Transaction Authorization information (TR-2000) on file.

Note: On E-ZRep Form TR-2000, your client must authorize either:

  • All current and future services, or
  • Respond to Department Notice.

What you'll need

  • A Tax Professional Online Services account (Don't have an account? See Online Services for tax professionals for assistance.)
  • An E-ZRep Form TR-2000 signed by your client and authorizing either All current and future services or Respond to Department Notice.
  • Supporting documentation where applicable.

How to request a penalty waiver

  1. If you haven't already added your client to your account, do so now. Have your client's TR-2000 at hand; you'll need the information to add your client to your account. Based on the permissions your client granted on their TR-2000, you'll be able to view related notices for that client.
  2. Next, select your client from Client Summary, then select Respond to department notice from the Client Services menu. (See our Respond to Department Notice demo for an overview.)
  3. Select I received a bill, then Continue, and enter the information requested. 
  4. On the Respond to Department Delinquency or Bills page, select Disagree with penalty only from the option dropdown; select the reason that applies to your client's penalty.
  5. Provide an explanation and attach documentation if applicable. 

How to pay a bill online

See Pay a bill or notice to review payment options and pay online. If your client can't pay in full, see Installment payment agreement (IPA) to request a payment plan online.